Humaneering Technology Advisors

The Humaneering Institute's Technology Advisor program has been outsourced to DesignedWORK with the operations and support for field trials of humaneering technology's current open-beta release. The staff has also moved to DesignedWORK, and will continue to work with clients without interruption.

For most managerial decisions, an understanding of the situation coupled with prior experience and seasoned judgment are sufficient for making good decisions. This is the routine work of managers. For the more challenging or consequential situations that involve people, managers can soon look to humaneering technology for decision support. Humaneering provides managers with reliable knowledge regarding the systemic design, management, and improvement of human-dependent operations.

Humaneering Technology Advisors provides three services. Operations Assessment enables operations managers to quickly identify humaneering-based opportunities to improve the effectiveness and productivity of human-dependent work within their operations. Second Opinion provides operations managers with an additional professional perspective, informed by humaneering technology, when making major decisions regarding human-dependent operations. New Ventures supports entrepreneurs who are focused on creating new businesses that capitalize the value-creating potential of humaneering with new products and services.