Development Contributors

The Institute depends on the knowledge, services and financial contributions of thousands of people to accomplish its public service mission.

Humaneering technology is created upon a foundation of scientific theories and practice disciplines that have been developed interdependently by scholars and practitioners. The Institute draws upon this existing knowledge and on the volunteer services of scholars, practitioners and managers to transform this knowledge into humaneering technology.

Scholar and practitioner volunteers provide their knowledge and services in a variety of ways. These contributions include support for field experiments, preparation of discipline-specific and inter-disciplinary knowledge syntheses, membership on design and evaluation panels, reviewing and editing the professional work of peers, and responding to open calls for topic input.

Operations managers participate in humaneering's development through the Insititute's EarlyAccess initiative. By hosting private beta applications, managers sample humaneering and achieve significant operational improvement while enabling the Institute to gather important research data. Managers who have hosted these trials say they are quite similar to consulting projects, except that (a) access to humaneering adds greater precision and objectivity, (b) the company's managers and workforce get more involved, (c) the methods utilized are more innovative, (d) multiple solution options are developed and tested, and (e) the hosting cost is about 20-40% of what they would have to pay for consultants.

Please contact us to learn more about how you can support the Institute's pioneering development agenda.