Financial Donations

The Humaneering Institute depends on people like you for financial donations.

The Institute operates as a nonprofit charity for public benefit. Most of its work is performed by volunteers, and most of its funding begins as $10, $100, or $1,000 donations from people from all walks of life and regions of the world.

Humaneering technology . . . much like engineering technology . . . will be so fundamental to how society functions in the future that it must be public property in order to assure its free availability for everyone's use and benefit. To appreciate the importance of free access, just imagine how much less progress would have been made in the 20th century if some major corporation owned engineering technology and restricted its use to those who could afford to pay for it.

Please donate to the Humaneering Institute to support the development of humaneering technology. A generous donation of $10 not only funds important research, it sends a message to Institute volunteers that you appreciate their efforts. For donations of $40 or more, we will make you a member of the Institute's Founder Community.

Make your donation using PayPal if you want to charge your credit card or debit your bank account:

or send a check or money order (payable to "Humaneering Institute") to:

Humaneering Institute
15455 N. Dallas Pkwy, 6th Floor
Addison, TX 75001 USA

PayPal will securely process your donation and automatically send you an email receipt for your records. A member of the Institute staff will follow-up with you by email or USPS mail to express our appreciation.

If you mail a check or money order, please provide us with your name, telephone number, email address, and USPS mailing address so that a member of the Institute staff can reply to you with a receipt and expression of our appreciation.

The Humaneering Institute respects your right to privacy. We do not release the names of donors, and do not recontact donors to request additional donations. Donors who want to receive continuing communication from the Institute are encouraged to join our email list.