Early Access

The Institute's private-beta field trials of humaneering technology between 2009 and 2012 were successful beyond even the wildest expectations of the scholars who prepared and supported the release.

We again thank the technology pioneers who sampled the powerful effects of humaneering technology within their operations. The interest and support of these operations executives and managers and their staffs made the private-beta field trials a great success. We are gratified by their achievement of extraordinary results every application, without exception.

Open-Beta Release Now Available

Humaneering technology's open-beta field trials are now underway, and are expected to continue for at least five years.

The Institute has fully outsourced the operations and client support for the open-beta field trails to DesignedWORK, an operations consulting firm specializing in improvement of people-dependent operations. DesignedWORK provided invaluable support to the private-beta clients, and this expanded relationship further enhances their capability to support open-beta clients. Several Institute staff members are now working for DesignedWORK to facilitate this support.

Contact DesignedWORK

Interested companies should contact DesignedWORK directly to learn more about humaneering technology and how they can try and adopt humaneering technology for their operations. DesignedWORK can handle all necessary arrangements.

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