The Institute has increased the availability of humaneering technology with the recent introduction of our open-beta release for field applications.
  • Humaneering Technology - We continue to develop and refine humaneering's precision by harvesting field-application data made available to us by our beta clients.
  • Outreach Initiative - In January 2013, the Institute board authorized outsourcing of the Institute's technology transfer operations and client support to DesignedWORK, an operations consulting firm specializing in the improvement of people-dependent operations. DesignedWORK supported the Institute's clients for the private-beta release between 2009 and 2012. As part of this agreement, DesignedWORK will provide services to inform the market about humaneering technology and its applications, which is to include limited public communication about humaneering technology and its potential to impact various stakeholder groups (e.g., practitioner disciplines including recruiting, coaching, operations management, operations improvement, human resources, and UX/usability design).
  • Early Access - Our field-application program has been limited by our ability to develop a staff of humaneering professionals able to respond to the number of clients seeking opportunities to experiment with humaneering technology. In January 2013, the Institute outsourced its technology transfer operations and client support to DesignedWORK, a consulting firm that provided exceptional support to the Institute's private-beta release clients between 2009 and 2012. This change has substantially increased the available support for clients of the current open-beta release.
  • Humaneering Advisors - Launching in October 2011, our Humaneering Technology Advisors initiative provides humaneering-based advisory services without requiring actual field trials, thus enabling support that is faster and more flexible to meet specific client needs. These services were outsourced to DesignedWORK, including transfer of our professional staff, to expand the availability of these services.

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